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DT Systems is a pioneer medical transcription company and service provider. We offer a range of medical transcription services as well as dictation transcription services, medical transcription outsourcing along with the latest Document Management System. This is one stop shop for all your medical transcription services need. We have an experience of over 5 years in this field and it’s our constant endeavour to bridge the Quality gap and serve our customers better that the existing market. DT Systems LLC is owned and operated by a Physician, Dr.Jagpreet Mukker as well as a team of qualified medical transcriptionists who are highly competent as well as efficient.

Medical Transcription Services

To ensure enhanced delivery of medical transcription services under optimized costs and to help healthcare organizations reduce their overall medical transcription service costs by improving their documentation efficiency.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing

DT Systems, one of the largest medical transcription outsourcing service provider to clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers across the US. Our medical transcription outsourcing services are being used by individual and group practitioners, community health centers and bigger clinics in almost all major areas of medical practices.

What makes us unique?

Our commitment to provide top quality transcription services that emerges from a deep understanding of the industry, as well as our ability to appreciate the needs of the clients. We are committed to provide total customer satisfaction of all our clients and take up the projects of Medical Transcription, Dictation Transcription Services Billing, Legal Transcription, Data Conversion & Processing and other allied fields. We follow the most stringent quality process as well as timely delivery schedules for all our customers. Every document is reviewed by native US English speakers and passes through three levels of quality assurance, ensuring accurate transcriptions. We also offer a complete business way out to your Medical Billing, EMR, EHR and practice management problems. For free Trail or to know more about our services, you can call us any time.

Our leadership

Dr.Jagpreet Mukker is a well known physician who owns and operates DT Systems. Dr.Mukker undertakes policy-relevant research pertaining to various aspects of Medical Transcription services. He is closely associated with quality control, reforms and review of the medical transcription services. Stating the mentioned qualities he analysed and felt the need of an organization which covers the gap of the services and then the DT systems came in to existence. He is well supported by an array of staff who are qualified as well as highly experienced in this this field.

Entire Business solution with our Company

We often receive excellent feedback about services from our clients and their suggestions have been incorporated to form a complete solution at one place. We propose to bring out the service proceedings including various aspects contributed by trained expert staff to enable DT Systems to be a one place for entire business solution. We serve to create simplicity in complex processes of MT as it is covered in layers of technical, commercial and practical norms with the resultant lack of authentic service delivery, the limited number of service provider dealing with Medical Transcription outsourcing in a vast market and various controls on the process. We are on the job to provide Accurate, Economical and Prompt services.

On the basis of practitioners, industry leaders and subject experts, we bring out the best practices in the industry as a leading Medical Transcription Company. We therefore are an attractive means for users to get assistance for entire aspects of Medical Transcription services.

Compliance and Confidentiality are core to our mission

DT Systems fully recognizes the strict procedures and securely encrypted data exchanges are now a requirement for any entity handling or transmitting Protected Health Information (PHI). While the ultimate burden of responsibility rests on the healthcare facility, procedures, and technology have all been designed to assist our clients in their efforts to remain securely HIPAA compliant.



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Cardiology transcription: Precise records of cardiac patient encounters, facilitating accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


Accurate documentation of patient encounters, aiding diagnosis and treatment of respiratory conditions.


Detailed documentation of neurological assessments, vital for diagnosing and managing brain and nervous system disorders.

General Surgery

Comprehensive documentation of surgical procedures and post-operative care, ensuring accurate records for patient management.

Oncology Care

Thorough documentation of cancer patient consultations, treatments, and follow-ups, vital for precise oncological management.


Detailed documentation of skin examinations, diagnoses, and treatments, crucial for effective management of dermatological conditions.


our Awesome clients

I couldn't believe the quality you guys provided. I thought I typed it on my own PC. My thanks for an #1 service and excellence and superfast turn-around-time.

Testimonial Author
Dr Bhasin
California, USA

You guys have made my work so much easier yet saving me a lot of money. I do and will always recommend you. Thank you!

Testimonial Author
Dr Berth
Arizona, USA

DT was extremely accommodating and worked closely with us to find solutions to technical and work-flow issues that were unique to each institution.

Testimonial Author
Dr McDonam
New York, USA