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We are one of the leading U.S. based medical transcription services company providing end to end services for all your needs. At DT Systems, we offer services to better meet your needs 24/7. We offer 12/24 TAT of the dictations.

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We offer a dynamic office environment. In case employees get sick or are on a break we have an in-house staff for your transcriptions and you will be completely satisfied with their services. They will provide you support from time to time. By offering multiple choices for digital dictation from toll free numbers and portable digital recorders to PC based dictation systems and voice over internet protocol.

It helps saves your time and money, increases revenues, eliminates staffing requirements and improves the flow of electronic medical records. A dedicated account manager who will commit to record delivery timeframe, quality based on the number of the records. For us, every client is special and we laid special emphasis in meeting individual needs of medical transcription services.

As far as the medical staff (i.e. dictators) are concerned: we provide compatibility with a wide range of dictation machines. These digital dictation machines have all of the functionality that one would expect (including reviewing, overwriting, inserting and splitting letters) and also benefit from having a ‘slider’ switch that is most familiar to users of the old fashioned cassette tape machines. We can get their dictations done within 48 hours.


Our company provides some of the benefits, which our clients have enjoyed by outsourcing their medical services. Increased accuracy, Higher quality, Utmost patient care, Efficient utilization of time, Maximum benefits at minimum cost, Web-based Transcription, Free Digital Recorders, Toll-free Dictation, Online File Management, 24-hour Turnaround Time, Unconditional Guarantee, No Set-up Fees, No Hardware/Software Costs.

Added features

Reduced Cost:

Our services guarantee a reduction of nearly 50 percent over doing transcription in house. Infact our price structure is designed in a manner which would be nearly 15-20 percent more cost efficient as compared to prevailing market rates.

Time Efficiencies:

It is our constant endeavour to reduce service cycle time and bring greaterefficiencies and accuracies in our deliverables for all processes such as customer care etc.

Absolute Confidentiality:

All data as well as reports generated on behalf of the customers are kept with the utmost care and caution with no access to any outside bodies. We also offer a one week trial of our services, for physician dictating their patient notes. Our trial provides the use of start-up equipment, such as a digital recorder . All new clients are welcome to try our services without any future obligations.

Instant Access:

All transcriptions can be directly accessed by the system in order to view ,modify and patient files. All reports are fully customised as per the needs and requirements of the end client. We provide end-to-end encryption of all voice and data files. Extensive archives (upto 1 year are maintained on all data files). Multiple location dictation are possible. We can send and receive the dictations from multiple locations. A qualified proof reader is allotted to maintain 100 percent data accuracy as well as validity Sorted, organised patient data using the state of the art technology is sent to the physician, Automatic updation. Absolute Security and safety of data. Completely encrypted files before their transmission from hospital or clinics to our transcriptionists. All Transcripted files are secured before sending back to our clients. Continuous Feedback will be sent to the transcriptionists of the encrypted files.

All files stored at DT Systems are secured. Any files stored at the local computer are our responsibility, subject to security and privacy policies. Protected servers at DT Systems store only encrypted files in which Details of the patient’s rosters are encrypted after receipt on our end. All voice files and unedited files are deleted from our servers when the final transcript is transmitted to your clinic. After the final transcript is generated, the clinic keeps the only copies of voice on-site, and only for thirty days. Transcriptionists and QA files are deleted shortly after they are finished.

DT system is a pioneering global organization which specialises in medical transcription services process by acquisition, organization and execution. Our Core competencies include cost effectiveness, absolute security as well as timely delivery which enable us to execute all the work without failure. We understand the technical, commercial, evaluation, challenges, requirement and capability definition to execute the services. AT DT systems all our procedural framework for implementation and management of the project assigned as well as deliverables are optimised. We have strong human resources, logistics, Research & Development base, organizational structure and motivated management to deal with any complexity of the task assigned.



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Cardiology transcription: Precise records of cardiac patient encounters, facilitating accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


Accurate documentation of patient encounters, aiding diagnosis and treatment of respiratory conditions.


Detailed documentation of neurological assessments, vital for diagnosing and managing brain and nervous system disorders.

General Surgery

Comprehensive documentation of surgical procedures and post-operative care, ensuring accurate records for patient management.

Oncology Care

Thorough documentation of cancer patient consultations, treatments, and follow-ups, vital for precise oncological management.


Detailed documentation of skin examinations, diagnoses, and treatments, crucial for effective management of dermatological conditions.


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I couldn't believe the quality you guys provided. I thought I typed it on my own PC. My thanks for an #1 service and excellence and superfast turn-around-time.

Testimonial Author
Dr Bhasin
California, USA

You guys have made my work so much easier yet saving me a lot of money. I do and will always recommend you. Thank you!

Testimonial Author
Dr Berth
Arizona, USA

DT was extremely accommodating and worked closely with us to find solutions to technical and work-flow issues that were unique to each institution.

Testimonial Author
Dr McDonam
New York, USA